Fresh produce wholesale in Pohjanmaa 

Pure produce from your local forest

Q-berry Oy specializes in the sale of fresh and frozen berries. The daily picking of our own experienced pickers during the season guarantees the quality and freshness of our products.

Our customer base mainly includes industrial and large companies. The berries are picked from clean forests in Finland and transported quickly for freezing using the IQF method. In addition to this, we buy berries from several regions in different parts of Finland. The IQF method preserves berries for longer without losing the vitamins and nutrients they contain.


All our berries are picked from local forests so that we can offer the purest possible products.


The berries contain various vitamins and minerals. The berries also contain a lot of fiber so they also equalize blood sugar.


Berries can be many things. For cooking, smoothies or just snacking. Berries are also a good alternative for sugary sweets.

Why are berries so good?

We’ve all known for a long time that berries are good for your health, but why? Berries should be eaten in a variety of ways, as different berries contain different vitamins and minerals. Berries also contain a lot of fiber, so berries help balance blood sugar.

Our berries are picked from domestic forests and transported quickly for freezing by the IQF method. This method allows us to quickly and efficiently freeze products individually. The IQF guarantees a very short and fast freezing time, which is why the berries are as if they were just picked.

Our products comply with EU food and frozen food regulations.